Window Opening Improvements

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Window Opening Improvements

Postby RossThompson87 » Wed May 31, 2017 9:53 am

After doing lots of recent overheating studies, the need for two simple but important improvements has arisen:

Only open a window when a room is occupied
Can Macroflo have a setting that means a window can only be opened when a room is occupied?
I know this is possible by creating window profiles and occupancy profiles that compliment each other. However in practise this just results in a very large number of Macroflo opening types which is confusing and time consuming.

Interfacing external blinds with free area
External blinds are becoming increasing common for London plan projects etc. and must get used all the time in warm countries…
These are typically set up to respond to incident radiation on the window.
Often when they are closed, the free area of the window is reduced. But I don’t believe there is a way to model this.

Incident radiation on a window isn’t a variable that can accessed via apache profiles. There are just global radiation values which aren’t specific.
Please could we get access to this variable via apache profiles?
Alternatively does anyone know if this is possible via python scripting or another work around?



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