Energy Performance of a Terraced House

IES's specially developed Revit plug-in Toolbar allows Revit Architecture and MEP users to import their 3D BIM model into IES's software and undertake sustainable performance analysis.
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Energy Performance of a Terraced House

Postby nic_jar » Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:22 pm

Can anyone tell me how analyse a terraced house in Revit?
the rooms and surfaces are all there but I either get a shading surface from the adjoining property (because I am not trying to analyse any rooms in it) or there is no adjoining building at all.

This is obviously affecting the treatment of the property as the analysis is realistically being performed on a detached structure which is not what I want to analyse.

Any ideas how i can either trick the program?


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Re: Energy Performance of a Terraced House

Postby PCully » Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:28 pm

Hi there,

The plug-in isn't really equipped to deal with that, as you have said the options you have are to:

1. have the geometry there as room bounding but don't place rooms in the part you don't want to analyse, resulting in shading surfaces next door where the geometry is

2. don't make the next door elements room bounding and don't place rooms, result here is the space treats the adjacency as if it's external air on the other side

3. Place rooms in the adjacent building so the plug-in treats the adjacency as internal and then assign an unheated type room activity in Set Model Properties so the room is unconditioned. Still not ideal but is about the closest you'd get using the plug-in.

If you are modelling with the intention of exporting from Revit to VE-Gaia or Pro then the VE is equipped to deal with this as you can model the adjacent rooms and then switch them to a layer that is off or define the room type as "adjacent building" in VE so it treats the wall as adiabatic.

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Re: Energy Performance of a Terraced House

Postby carlsamson » Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:38 am

Wanted to try that idea too, but I am not sure if will work good for a wooden type of house, that is similar to victorian style.

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