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Re: Simulation Weather Data

Postby JosephG » Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:46 pm

The native IESVE weather file format (*.fwt) is a custom format specific to IESVE. If there's a way to edit them, I'd like to know as well. However, IESVE also accepts the energyplus file format (*.epw) and from the US Department of Energy you can get weather from virtually any corner of the globe for free.

Specifically answering your question of custom weather data, the energyplus file format is essentially comma-separated values, so yes you can most definitely edit the file and yes IESVE will accept it, however tread carefully as the weather file itself is not very elaborate at explaining the different fields. It's got 8760 rows (a row for each hour of the year) and something like 50+ columns, all in text format. There is also software that allows to create, edit, and compile weather data, and export it in the energyplus format (not IES), but they're not free. I'm thinking of Meteonorm, but there may be others on the market.

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