FlucsDL CIE overcast sky model

Daylight and electric lighting design analysis to calculate number of luminaires required and light levels for defined schemes/planes.
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FlucsDL CIE overcast sky model

Postby asafi » Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:12 pm


When I have to calculate DF, I choose CIE overcast sky model, but how can I know which zenith luminance corresponds to my location?

Due to Wikipedia, standart CIE overcast sky corresponds to 11921 Lux

Is IESVE calculating outdoor luminance for each location or taking standart 11921 lux?

Due to manual for FlucsDL, page 29, the CIE Standart Overcast Sky is 10k (10 000 lux). Why not 11921 lux?

Looking forward to your answer.

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