EPC Accreditation via APEL route

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EPC Accreditation via APEL route

Postby beatle » Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:10 am


I am trying to complete NOS items in the CIBSE APEL form , about which I would like to ask some questions,

Do I have to complete all 7 units to be all level energy assessor ? or can I be exempt from some of them?

Do I have to write a summary of the convention descried for HVAC and lighting system in NOS Element( especially for unit3 and 4) ,
I am wondering if anyone can provide me a sample of written NOS report ?( just to see what format is followed or to avoid unnecessary wording , I think similar things is available for CIBSE Competency report , but could not see anything for apel nos )

Do I have to provide 2 EPC models, one for existing , one for new? I am assuming one of which will need to be done by DSM tool ( either existing or new)?

I would be appreciated if you could help me on this


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Re: EPC Accreditation via APEL route

Postby Complex Potential » Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:32 am

Hello Beatle

The APEL is quite involved and the NOS are a large chunk of the work. If you want to be qualified at all levels then I think you have to fill it all in. The only exceptions you get are if you are already chartered through CIBSE, in which case many of the NOS sections are assumed to have already been fulfilled, or if you have finished and passed the official CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant training.

To be honest, you should be looking to do the LCC training as soon as you meet the prerequisites because it's unlikely you will pass the APEL assessment without it and it does answer a lot of the questions you have.

For specific questions about the NOS I would recommend you contact the CIBSE APEL team on 020 8675 5211 who I have found to be very responsive. However, I would advise you to focus on giving examples of what you have done or experienced that demonstrate how you meet the required compentancies rather than just writing your knowledge down. In other words the NOS is about what you have done rather than what you know.

As for submitting models, I'm not entirely sure since I only went for level 5 but I would imagine you have to submit 4 models in total to be qualified at all levels: a new and existing under SBEM and the same again under DSM.

Good luck.


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