Sizing with & without Heat recovery unit

ApacheCalc – Heat loss/gain calculations using CIBSE procedures to determine design heating/cooling loads.
ApacheLoads – Design heating/cooling loads calculations using ASHRAE Heat Balance Method.
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Sizing with & without Heat recovery unit

Postby lutinfr » Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:53 am

In the sizing process of Apache, I've seen that the flow rate of the system with and without heat recovery unit (HRU) are all based on the flow rate that generated by load calculation.

But load calculation has no option for heat recovery unit, so the flow in 2 HVAC systems will be the same. (one has HRU, other does not have HRU). This issue seem to be not fair for 2 systems.

But I'm not sure this is a real sizing process in IES. I really need an explanation, as much detail as possible.

Thank you.

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